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How you can unify all 3 to build the life you deserve!

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Personal Inventory Time.....

Are you where you want to be or on your way?

Are you happy with where you are right now?

Are you partying or celebrating?

Are you creating your best life?

The truth is most people just don't know where to start

We know the road to get where you want to go isn't as scary as you have tricked yourself into believing.

Can you get out of your way?

We know you CAN!

If you do as you have always done, you will receive what you always have...

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Are you ready to admit that the methods you have previously attempted are ineffective?

Here are a few insights that might show you where your previous attempts have come up short:

  • Survival of the fittest is a myth perpetuated by the system. We are taught to compete through programming in school and later in the workplace.
  • We didn't get to where we are as a species because of the power dynamic of only the strong survive. We got to where we are because of Cooperation...
  • NOT Competition!
  • Life is a team sport. Who is on your team?
  • Not only have we been taught to compete but we have also been taught to ignore, be scared of, or discouraged by another key factor: FAILURE.
"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."
- Michael Jordan

In order to Succeed you MUST FIRST TAKE ACTION.

It's essential to understand how you define success based on your own individual reason for being.
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What is Your Purpose?

This is the question you will discover and embody in our Blueprint to Happiness program.
Once you understand your reason for being, circumstances fall into place.
"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."
- Mark Twain

Take Control of Your Future Now

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How Do You Define Happiness?

Is it achieving a clear goal? Is it being loved and respected? Is it some fantasy in your head while you give your time away begrudgingly to an employer?

  • We define it through purpose or better said knowing exactly why and what you are here to achieve.
  • We define it through Progress or the indicators of definitive results with time you put in to family, work, and free time are gaining traction.
  • We define it through fulfillment, feeling like what you do matters to yourself, those you love, and your community.
  • Combine Purpose, Progress and Fulfillment with Emotional and Financial Freedom and THAT equals = Quality of Life which translates to that ever-elusive word: HAPPINESS.
  • Peace of Mind and Quality of life is what EVERYONE wants even if they lack the skills to truly define it.

We are only as good as the things we have adopted from our mentors for good or bad

What was the first brick wall that you hit in life?

Was it Money, Love, or Health?

Examine your first heavy roadblock to gain insight

Let's say it was money?

Who was your money mentor?

Did they teach you money was addition or subtraction?

Did they teach you to trade your time for small increments in exchange for security?

Perhaps they told you that you needed to work hard for your money?

Perhaps they loathed money and taught you to feel bad about it?

Whatever the case is, this mentor taught you through their experience and more than likely were trying to protect you through their worldview and fear of it.

They transferred to you limiting concepts and beliefs from their trauma and coping mechanism perspective.

The same goes for health and Love.

Very rarely does someone possess quality mentors in all 3 phases.

It wasnt wrong or right. It just IS

But now it IS your personal duty to learn past these obstacles and seize your birth right to live a life of happiness

Life is a team sport and you need to find the mentors that will guide you to what you seek.

In Our Blueprint to Happiness Program We Will Show You:

  • How to leverage your failures into successes
  • How to build your team to culitvate the life that was meant for you
  • How to minimize limiting behaviors that stop you from “unforced errors”
  • What your greatest vision looks like (hint only you really know)
  • Systems of behavior modification, a system for identification of information, circumstances, and life navigation. That once implemented will fast track your soul's desire.
  • And so much more!

You are uninque, one of a kind. No one's experience will substitue and translate to you You Can't steer a parked car You have to take the next step

Trust the next chapter because

YOU are the AUTHOR

In the Blueprint to Happiness Program you will get:

  • Lifetime Access to the Beyond Reality Library
  • The Path to Purpose Ikigai Course
  • Make a Living Being Yourself Marketing Course
  • Beyond Money with Lisa Manfredi
  • Learning Crypto w/ Hudson Jameson of Ethereum
  • The Enneagram for Purpose with Vanessa Fernandnez of The Enneagram Workshop
  • A Welcome aboard Strategy Session with our team
  • Access to our Private Community Server
  • Skill Share Access
  • A Time Bank
  • Intuitionology with Sunil Godse
  • Weekly Call and Solutions Group
  • Access to the Blue Collar Mystics Network
A typical offer would spend the next 3-8 paragraphs telling you a STORY of how they were stuck just like you and how they found their way.

They would tell you how they have the same problems and try to appeal to your emotions. Their main goal is to make you feel understood regardless of their offering.

We arent going to do that either

It's just another tactic like all sales pages
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We are gonna focus on YOU right here, right now. Why? Because that's what we are going to do when you come aboard.

The Hell we escaped isn't as important as; how we found a way out.

We believe that people need a foundation.

A way to deal with the ever-changing world.

  • How often are you in your way because you perceive something to be difficult, or dangerous, etc.?
  • How often are you frazzled by the onslaught of information? Analysis Pyralasis
  • How often do you procrastinate or do nothing because of the information you have?

The systems exist and they are easier to implement than you might think but.....

Go to any product offer like this right now.

Every offer says the same thing in the same painfully long format....

They all say:

  • You can't do it without them
  • They have secrets or imformation no one else does
  • They've personally coached 1000's
  • Our personal favorite the "I don't want to live my best life" button guilt trip
  • Promises of 7 figures etc....

No one else has the answers for YOU.
They are inside of you, and you just have to know how to look for them.

Look on those same sites and see how they are structured

Testimonial statements next to pictures with comments on how they saw results in a short time sprinkled in between Lots of Buzz words, TONS of VALUE with red lines crossing out inflated prices, and our favorite.....BONUSES

Oh those crafty bonuses it's just raining with EVERYTHING you ever needed.

LOOK at all THAT VALUE. Arent we all lucky?

They are painfully long just to get you on a call

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"I started the program and within the first 5 minutes, my mind was blown! I was changed forever"
- Joe Blow, USA
"I can't believe how easy this system was to implement! All I had to do was stop lying to myself and apply simple tactics to my routine"
- Karen Foryou, USA

We can't imagine how hard it is to find someone to help you in the current landscape

The truth is we have testimonials too.
Not in empty text but real people you can meet live and in real-time within our FREE NO Obligation Telegram Community!
We have tons of value and extras but we don't know what would best suit you without a discovery call to see where you are at; and how we could serve YOU.
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Here is another truth:

You are the common denominator to all of your issues

We have never been without Galactic Crisis, Global Crisis, National Crisis, Local Crisis, or Personal Crisis. The common denominator is YOU!

That is not to say you are completely at fault. It means that there is no sepreration

How do YOU deal with fear and uncertainty?

How do you cope with reality in the face of obstacles, resistance, and crisis?

There is a saying: "You have to chop the wood and carry the water."

It means you have to do the work. No one is going to do it for you.

Any coach or therapist will take the info you give them, make recommendations from their experience but you have to follow through. There is no way around it.

No magic pill. No quick fix.

Just surrendering to the fact that your way has not brought results and then doing something about it.

What traps, nets and snares do your current life navigation system or lack of remove?

Does a system to deal with those things seem like a good place to start?

Our goal is to show you that system and how to find your purpose. Because once you know your purpose nothing can stop you.

We are alays looking for answers and we want to help you find them to

Sincerely -----Blue Collar Mystics.

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